Trick or #TreatYoSelf


Do you take time for yourself?

Like really take time to disconnect from the demands and pressure of others and do something just for you? Say “no” to requests and favours from others to leave a spot open in your agenda and write in the words (in the voice of Aziz Ansari) #TreatYoSelf ? As my mid-20s birthday (because I don’t want to admit that I’m closer to 30 than to 20 now…) approaches, I’ve been asking myself these same questions.

I was never a big fan of birthdays, especially since mine falls on the day before Halloween (costume birthday parties just get old after awhile…you know?). My birthday was also the time in university when midterm exams were scheduled, which conveniently changed the year after I graduated and students now get a fall reading week! Thanks a lot Western…

But I think the biggest reason I wasn’t fond of birthdays, was more because I spent the time planning parties of what I thought other’s would like, and would therefore want to attend, rather than focusing on myself, and self-care. Sometimes I thought it was selfish to do only what I wanted to do on my birthday, and felt bad if I didn’t want to attend that Halloween Party, or  dress up to go out to the bar to wait outside in the cold at the bar. But you know what…Now that I’m older (and wiser), I know that what I really want to do on my birthday is…


R👏 E👏 L👏 A👏 X 👏

That’s right, I want a straight up bubble bath, with a good book, and a candle. I want to order in food and have a glass of wine (or two). I want the fireplace on, with a cozy blanket, and to binge watch something on Netflix (that I may or may not fall asleep to…), and eat some halloween goodies (before I give them out for free to the neighbourhood kids).  

So if you ask me what I want for my birthday, the answer is… I want to be selfish.


What’s your favourite thing to do on your birthday?

What do you do to #TreatYoSelf ?

2 thoughts on “Trick or #TreatYoSelf

    1. Right? I feel old. We were saying this last night at the party I was at, how we’d much rather go to a house party than go out.
      I’m such a homebody, unless it involves travelling out of the city haha.

      And thank you! Means a lot coming from the blog master!

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