Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 9- Shoes

A few posts back we talked about creating a minimalist closet but we didn’t even touch on shoes!

We’ve already create our capsule wardrobe, decided on our personal style, and made sure the clothes we have chosen fit and can go from day to night style with some simple accessories…but what about our shoe collection?

Collect up all your shoes into one place and divide them based on hot and cold weather. Think of them in terms of fit, comfort, style, condition, and functionality. Read more

Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 8- Countertops

We’ve all seen beautiful kitchens and dreamed about what our kitchen could be. Their clear and beautiful countertops without a spoon or spatula out of place. This can’t be real, kitchens only look this beautiful in books and magazines… Do these people never eat toast, where is the toaster?

The thing is, a minimalist kitchen really is possible, and it starts with a clear countertop! Read more

Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 6- Bathroom

I’m a sucker for free samples… (which if you’re following me on Instagram Stories, you saw the mayhem that was my bathroom drawers…. embarrassing!). It seems like more and more stores are getting you hooked on their products by offering free samples with purchase (…I’m looking at you Sephora!). Although I never buy those face masks and under eye creams, they were taking up so much room in my bathroom vanity. Read more

Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 2 of 30 – Linen Closet

You’ve made it to Day 2 of the 30 Day Minimalist Home Challenge! (Hip Hip Hooray!) 

Today’s Challenge: The Linen Closet.

Linen closets have become much more that just storage for …well… linens! They seem to be a ‘catchall’ for all things bed and bath. In mine, you’d find towels, extra beauty products, bubble bath, an attachment for my shower head (to wash my dogs…), bed linens, first aid supplies, medicine, extra bathroom supplies (like toilet paper or tissues), extra feminine hygiene products, and the list goes on…

Read more

Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 1 of 30 – The Closet

Welcome to Day 1 of: Creating a Minimalist Home: 30 Day Challenge!  I’m so glad you’re along on this journey with me! Check out my Instagram stories, where I’ll be holding myself accountable for all of these 30 days!

Put on some music, grab a glass (or two) of wine, and get ready for your own private fashion show because today, we’re tackling the closet.  Why you ask? Simplifying your wardrobe saves time, money, stress, and makes it easier to put an outfit together. Read more