Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 8- Countertops

We’ve all seen beautiful kitchens and dreamed about what our kitchen could be. Their clear and beautiful countertops without a spoon or spatula out of place. This can’t be real, kitchens only look this beautiful in books and magazines… Do these people never eat toast, where is the toaster?

The thing is, a minimalist kitchen really is possible, and it starts with a clear countertop!

My husband and I built our home and were lucky enough to have a hand in the design of our kitchen, but even if you’re working with what you have, here are some tips for keeping your countertops clear!

This is our kitchen post install!

Resist the urge to use your kitchen counters as a dumping place when you get home. Put your keys on a key rack, open or file your mail, and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or wash them in the sink.

Small appliances: we all have them, but we don’t use them all. Try to buy appliances that are multi-functional. For example, a Kitchen-Aid Mixer works as a mixer, a slicer, a shredder, a pasta maker, etc. with a few attachments, rather than buying all of these items as separate appliances.

Make space in your kitchen for an “appliance garage”. This is a spot where you can “park” your small appliances when they are not in use to keep them off your counter. We installed a plug in our’s so that we could plug in our microwave, in order to keep it off the counter.

Gallery Wall > Gallery Fridge. Okay, I know this isn’t countertops, but it makes a difference! I strongly support decorating with original pieces of art, but even art galleries have a certain simple aesthetic to them, and you know what… they don’t display art on the fridge. Keep those treasures on a designated gallery wall. I wrapped a cork board in fabric to match the room decor and blend in better when rotating the “exhibition” (however without kids, mine is mostly thank-you cards and post-cards from friends).

Don’t put it down, put it away. We’re always in a hurry and dump things where they don’t belong thinking we’ll come back later and clean it up… We get distracted, and that item has now been squatting rent free in our kitchen for three plus days.

If you have open shelving, keep things to a unified colour pallet, and try to display items in nicer jars making the area look, minimal, uncluttered, intentional, and tidy.

Store away that dish rack once dishes are dry. Dishes belong in your cupboards not on your counter, giving your tonnes of room to ‘Julia Child’ your meal prep. No one likes trying to cook a meal and having nowhere to put things down.

Be intentional with your decor. If you want to decorate with oil and vinegar jars, cutting boards, trays, and rock salts, be sure these are items that will also get use and aren’t just in the way.

Since the kitchen is such an active place in the home, I could go on and on about ways to make it simple, functional, and minimalistic, but I’ll save those for another post!


What clutter-free kitchen rules do you swear by?

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