Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 6- Bathroom

I’m a sucker for free samples… (which if you’re following me on Instagram Stories, you saw the mayhem that was my bathroom drawers…. embarrassing!). It seems like more and more stores are getting you hooked on their products by offering free samples with purchase (…I’m looking at you Sephora!). Although I never buy those face masks and under eye creams, they were taking up so much room in my bathroom vanity.

Since I like to stick to products I know work for me (here’s a list of my favourite cruelty-free beauty products), I’d opt in for the free sample (I mean… it’s free may as well get it…), however I’d never use them… and would be generating waste for no reason! Sorry Mother Nature!

This seems to be a trend, but… pull everything out of your vanity/shower/drawers, etc. in order to fully assess what you’re storing in the bathroom.This is a perfect time to wipe everything down with disinfectant.

When you start to declutter your bathroom, think about your “go-to” products. What do you use on the daily? These items should definitely be accessible and in the bathroom.

Mine are:

  • Hair brush
  • Cleanser / Makeup remover
  • Moisturizer
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Hand soap
  • Shower soap
  • Deodorant 
  • Medications
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste

I bought some vanity organizers (similar) from Ikea a few years ago, and they work perfectly for keeping things from rolling around in the drawer upon opening / closing, and helps to keeps items separated. If you have larger drawers (like my vanity)  they’re a good idea, otherwise something like this works great in a undersink cabinet!

My makeup routine is actually pretty minimalistic so there wasn’t a reason for me to have a makeup artist’s worth of makeup brushes and makeup in my vanity. However, I do use some more make up for events and parties so I wasn’t ready to throw it all away. I opted to store the items I actually use in a small decorative box I got at the dollar store rather than cluttering up my drawer. The other items made their way to the trash, because it isn’t the best idea to share/donate used makeup. Unused samples went up for grabs to anyone that wanted them.  

The items you use on the daily (or almost daily) should make their way into the most accessible spot in your vanity (or back into your shower). Bulkier items like a hair dryer or straightener as well as other hair styling products that are used less often I’ve store into the lower vanity drawer.  Keep items that you use where you use them!

My hope is that by having only the items I need in my vanity, and therefore not having to search or work around items, my morning routine will take less time (because everyone can use more beauty sleep right?)

Let me know if simplifying and decluttering your space saves you time getting ready! What else have you tried to save time in the morning? 


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