Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 5 – Five for 5

Today’s Day 5 Challenge is an easy one! (Thank goodness am I right?)

All you need to do today is find 5 things in your house that you don’t use, or have been meaning to get rid of, and do just that. 

Here are the 5 items I’m getting rid of today:

  1. My husband’s old Ford bomber hat (that quite honestly was a bit embarrassing)
  2. Some old volleyball knee pads (that no longer fit my… more mature leg size let’s say)
  3. A coat that no longer zips up 
  4. A French press that we don’t use
  5. A cute, but unfortunately leaky soap dispenser


If those clothes from Day 1, linens from Day 2, or books from Day 3 are still packed up in your car with the intention to donate them, get in your car, drive to the nearest donation drop-off and JUST. DO. IT. 


It’s Sunday… once you’ve completed the challenge, go make yourself a cuppa’ tea, snuggle up with a book you’ve chosen to keep, and get ‘Hygge’.

What 5 items did you let go of today?



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