Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 30- Mindset

You made it!

30 days of minimalism!

On this last day of the challenge, we’re going to take some time to reflect on our journey with minimalism thus far, and to create a minimalist mindset moving forward (so that we do our best not to fall back into our old ways).

For me, minimalism is more than just decluttering and getting rid of things. While freeing yourself from the things taking up space in your life is important, it’s equally important to free our minds. This shift in thinking happens gradually, and we need to train ourselves in order to truly embrace minimalism.

“…minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.” – Joshua Becker


First of all, remember why you started.

I started this journey with minimalism originally to create a clutter-free home, but it has developed into so much more. Minimalism has made it easier to keep my home tidy, it takes less time for me to complete tasks, and it has given me more time to spend doing the things I love, and with the people I love.


Minimalism is less to do with stuff, and more to do with mindset

Often we own a lot of “stuff” because we believe it will make us happy. If we own that new dress we will be stylish. If we own that new car, we will be successful. The truth is, your worth is not defined by your possessions. This is a harder one for us to deal with as we’re often thinking about how others perceive us. Once you can let that way of thinking go, you realize that it’s the way we live our lives that define us, not what we have in it.


“Remember that nobody has it all together, even if it seems that way, and some days are harder than others.”


Be in the moment,  Experiences > Things

It’s totally okay to make plans for the future, aspirations, goals, just don’t allow this to take away from enjoying the little things in life. When you learn to appreciate the little things, you start to feel as though you live in a world of abundance, rather than a world of scarcity. By living with experiential abundance, you won’t feel the need to fill your life with physical abundance.

Stop making excuses

There are so many excuses we can come up with in life to no be able to do what we want to do. “I can’t be a minimalist because I have kids”, or “My partner would never go for it”. Remember that minimalist is a tool and not a set of rules. Minimalism should be what you’re comfortable with.


“If you aren’t where you want to be, do yourself a favour and write down all of your excuses and realize that’s why…”


It’s okay to love beautiful things

As a visual person, I find myself attracted to beautiful things. Decorative items for my home are definitely my minimalist kryptonite. I cannot give up my attraction to beautiful things, nor do I want to, nor should I have to. If you’re like me and love beautiful things, it’s okay, we’re not shallow, we’re just visual people. As long as we remember that the beautiful thing we choose to bring into our life will have a use or bring us value, then it’s okay to have it. We should get enough value from this that we’re willing to clean it, maintain it, fix it, and treasure it.


Remember, having more beautiful things will not make us happier over time, but nor will having nothing.


Congratulations again on your beginning your journey with minimalism!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge!


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