Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 28- Guest Room

The guest room is often neglected, used to hang-dry laundry, house extra clothes, or hide away seasonal decorations, however this overlooked space is a valuable part of your home. It will help set the tone for style and comfort for you guests, and ultimately be the deciding factor if they’d stay over again.

If you have a guest room, go in there right now and get rid of at least 3 items you were storing in there. The guest room is there to house guests, not items you quickly threw in there before a dinner party, or things that don’t have another home… If your guest room doubles as an office, all the more reason for you to clean up your stuff. For the love of all things holy, remove any workout equipment you have in here, your guests don’t need to dream of you sweating on a elliptical or groaning while doing a plank.

Although this room should be comfortable enough for people to feel cozy when they spend the night at your place, they shouldn’t be overwhelmed with stuff making it difficult for them to unpack or move freely in the space. Enter: Minimalism.

Since the guest room isn’t usually a priority for most of us when it comes to home decor and functionality (since we don’t sleep in here…), minimalism is the perfect choice. Not all of our guests will have similar style tastes, but minimalism’s neutral airy space leaves the room open to all interpretations. It’s also much easier on the pocketbook to design a minimalist space for your guests as you focus on the quality of a few decor pieces rather than quantity (this also means less things to collect dust, making it easier to clean #WIN).

Some of the things I look for when staying in someone’s guest room are:

  • Clean Sheets  (because I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping in Uncle Joe’s night sweats)
  • A comfortable pillow (something that doesn’t smell and it easy to fluff up in the morning)
  • A lamp by the bed (because my shin is used for so much more than finding furniture in the dark)
  • Room to place my clothes / luggage (instead of the floor)
  • Bonus: a clock  (so I can see the time without having to be blinded by my phone)

Something that I saw a while ago on pinterest that I thought was pretty cool was a small frame that gave the guests the wi-fi password, (saving them the embarrassment to have to ask you in order to check their social media feeds, haha). I’ve created some cute free printables in various sizes for you.   

 8×105×7, 4×6 


How do you make your guests feel at home?

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