Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 22- The Junk Drawer

The biggest problem with the Junk Drawer has got to be the name. The name “Junk Drawer” gives us the mentality that we can just throw whatever we want into it and maybe never even take that item out. It gives us the option to be lazy because we don’t feel like taking the time to put that item where it belongs.

The ironic part about our “junk drawer” was that it was literally right above our trash can. I could have been placing “junk” where it belonged all along rather than just putting things in this drawer.

Let’s start today’s challenge by changing the name to “indispensable drawer”, or “essentials drawer”. This way, the items that we find in this drawer, usually small, do not have another place in our home, but are necessary to our lives. Things like tape, scissors, batteries, etc.

Now that we’ve changed our mentality, it’s time to declutter this drawer. Open it up (if you can), and measure the space you have to keep items organized. If it’s not enough space, you either have too much stuff, or it’s not the right drawer. I suggest measuring to find out how much space you have to put in a drawer organizer. Drawer organizers are super helpful in this drawer as they will help from items rolling or sliding to the back of the drawer as you open it.

Dump everything out of the drawer onto either your kitchen table or your counter. Assess the items with scrutiny. Do you need that plastic bread tab? Where does that screw really belong? If there are items that belong in another spot in your home, identify where you really use that item. Did it make its way into this drawer because you actually use it in that room? It’s possible that you may need to change where it belongs.

Decide which items you actually use, and either donate, recycle, or trash the rest. If there are any “just in case” items in this drawer, place them in a box out of sight for the month. If you do not use these items in 30 days, it’s time to get rid of them too.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to deal with all that stuff”, by taking the 10 minutes to go through the drawer, you’ll actually save yourself time in the long run. Everything will have a place so finding what you need will be easy!


Do you have a junk drawer  essentials drawer?

What do you keep in it?


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