Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 16- Coat Closet

It’s below 0ºC here, it’s windy, and the snow’s a fallin’. What’s a better time of year to go through your foyer closet than winter?

My goal for today is to not only minimize the amount of coats I own, but also the accessories (hats, scarves, mittens, umbrellas, etc.). 

If your winter stuff is still stored away in bins/boxes, it’s time to pull it all out and lay it all on the floor. Keep in mind the type of activities you will be participating in and your typical climate to make sure the items you keep will fit your lifestyle.

To do this, I separated by seasons:



  • Skiing: ski jacket, waterproof mittens, buff, ski goggles, snow pants, tuque
  • Dog walking / Everyday use: ski jacket / general winter coat, gloves
  • Holiday parties: peacoat, gloves

Total Items: 8




  • Dog walking/ Everyday use:  Rain jacket / Trench
  • Yard work: Rain jacket

Total items: 2




  • Camping: Rain jacket, buff, waterproof pants
  • Dog Walking / Everyday use: None

Total items: 3



  • Fall fairs/ Apple picking: Trench, gloves, scarf
  • Dog Walking/ Everyday use: Trench

Total items: 3


Total Unique Items: 11


Create a pile of duplicate items, things that don’t fit, or items you no longer ware. These items should be donated. There are many charities and collection services that will connect people in need with your donated items, especially when temperatures start to drop. There’s group of 3 people in my city who I follow on Instagram and Facebook  under the name “My Pursuit” who are helping out our community firsthand. They are cooking warm meals, giving out free coffee cards, and providing the homeless with donated clothing. Most importantly, they are providing a listening ear, and raising awareness for those in need. I felt proud to donate my items to My Pursuit knowing that a company wasn’t benefiting monetarily from my donation, and that items were really going to the people who needed them.

Once I established the items I needed for each season, I put the items I needed for the current season back into my foyer closet, and put the others into a storage box. It gives my closet more space to hang guests coats when entertaining, and makes it easier to find what I’m looking for when I leave the house, with less clutter to move out of the way.  

In my coat closet, all jackets / pants are hung, and accessories (gloves, mittens, scarves, etc.)  are stored in baskets on the shelf.  I have a shoe rack to keep our shoes out of the entryway, off the floor, and organized. (ICYMI: Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 9- Shoes).


Be sure to donate your unused items, and give back this holiday season! 

“Live simply so others may simply live!”


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