Creating a Minimalist Home: Day-11 Social Media

Another digital cleanse. Day 11 of the Minimalist Home Challenge: we’re looking at our social media feeds.

Let’s face it. We all use social media. You probably came across this blog post by way of Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. But I find it frustrating to open up my social media to find an endless stream of new content, that I really don’t care that much about. Retweets of Memes, Recipes I’ll never try, or ads from stores I’ll never shop at. I was wasting so much time just scrolling through content to get to the next thing I actually wanted to look at…

I didn’t want my Social Media to keep me from being…well…social. I decided to have a minimalist social media feed, and to do so, I had to do an audit of my personal social media accounts.


  • I left Buy/Sell Groups that were constantly updating me about items for sale
  • I unfollowed people who I still wanted to be friends with, but didn’t want updates on my feed
  • I left other groups that did not promote my interests or passions
  • I purged my friends list. Those currently on my list are family, friends, coworkers, or business network individuals. People I actually talk to, would invite to an event, support me, and/or I would like to be able to contact over social



  • Since I’m trying to buy less, I unfollowed any sites that promoted items to buy, like clothes, shoes, subscription boxes, etc.
  • I unfollowed any accounts that promoted negativity or things that just didn’t fit my morals or taste anymore
  • I only followed accounts that inspire me to become a better person, work on my goals, or become healthier…or they’re family / friends



  • I deleted a bunch of pins that I no longer need or no longer fit my aesthetic (since I made my Pinterest board before I bought my house, I had a bunch of ideas pinned that did not work cohesively)
  • I deleted pins I already tried (successfully or unsuccessfully…) or printed recipes I wanted to keep to put in my recipe book
  • By curating my interests, my feed shows only ideas and posts that inspire me, cause me to think, or make me smile.



  • I have an account but don’t use it, so I deleted these apps off my phone. (Sorry Twitter/Snapchat fans!)


The easiest way to be a minimalist on social media is to just deactivate your accounts. However, this can’t be a reality for some of us, due to our job, or means of communication with people. So instead, try a 24 hour social media cleanse: Don’t log into your personal accounts for one full day.


Think you can stay off social for 24 hours?

Have you done this? How did it go?


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