Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 10- Ten Easy Tasks to Simplify Your Space

First of all, apologies to those who’ve been following along the Minimalist Home Challenge for the short pause in posts! I was “getting my creative on” all weekend by hanging with my friend Alayna Hryclik owner and creator of soft flirt at the “The Modern Mom Show Christmas Market” doing an Instagram Take-over, and shooting content for a client managed by Jen at I also created some downloadable holiday stock photos that you can preview here.

Now on to the good stuff:


We’re a third of the way into the 30 Day Minimalist Home Challenge! Is your home looking more spacious?

For Day 10, we’re going to complete 10 Tasks to help clean up as well as simplify our space.           (…with some alliteration along the way)

  1. Clear out those condiments:  Check for expired or rotten food in your fridge and toss it, condense items if possible in smaller containers (or heaven forbid you have two of the same item open!!!… HOW DARE YOU!!!)
  2. Do a swoop: Walk around your home and put away any items you dumped “to clean up later”
  3. Reevaluate the “Junk in the Trunk Drawer”: Collect the items from your “junk drawer” and place them in a box for 30 days, any items you don’t use in that time should be purged
    My current desktop situation…. Send Help!
  4. Declutter your Desktop: Make folders, delete items you don’t use, and empty your trash bin (organize your inbox if you haven’t already with these tips)
  5.  Purge the Purse: Go through your backpack or handbag, return items to their rightful place, toss old receipts, and organize your wallet.
  6. Manage your mail: Go through your mail, file what needs filing, pay bills, recycle old flyers, etc.
  7. Tame that Tupperware: Organize your Tupperware, make sure each base has a lid that fits, if not recycle it.
  8. When a hole-in-one is not something to celebrate: Go through your sock drawer. Toss socks with holes, and make sure socks have a match.
  9. Clean up the Cleaners: Wherever you keep them, and whatever you use, go through your cleaning products, reevaluate how many you’re using, and determine if you can replace some with more natural products like vinegar & water, lemon, and/or baking soda. (Check out this list of some homemade natural cleaners here.)
  10. A #OneRoomChallenge, that’s a little less fun…:Choose one room to clean and give it a good scrub



That’s all for now folks! Make this list into a checklist if you have to.

Whatever you need to do to Get’er Done.


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