Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 1 of 30 – The Closet

Welcome to Day 1 of: Creating a Minimalist Home: 30 Day Challenge!  I’m so glad you’re along on this journey with me! Check out my Instagram stories, where I’ll be holding myself accountable for all of these 30 days!

Put on some music, grab a glass (or two) of wine, and get ready for your own private fashion show because today, we’re tackling the closet.  Why you ask? Simplifying your wardrobe saves time, money, stress, and makes it easier to put an outfit together.

Before you start, do some soul-searching: Think about your personal style (Classic? Preppy? Punk? Sporty? Bohemian? Vintage? Romantic? Modern?). Do you prefer clothing to be tailored or loose and flowy? What about fabrics?

Once you’ve decided on your style, it’s time to  take EVERYTHING out of your closet (and I mean everything, get out those bedazzled bridesmaids shirts and the jelly shoes your got for that 90s party that one time).

Once your clothes are strewn around your room, start to create 4 piles (and be ruthless! You aren’t going to hurt your clothes’ feelings).  These piles from the Be More with Less blog were simple and easy to follow, here’s how I’ve interpreted them.

  • Pile 1: I love these items. They fit my style and my body. I feel good in them. I wear wear them frequently. They are in good shape. (KEEP)

  • Pile 2: I want to keep these but I’m unsure why

  • Pile 3: These do not fit my body or my style but are in relatively good shape (DONATE)

  • Pile 4: These are not in good condition (are beyond repair base on my ability or desire to). I would not feel comfortable wearing these in public, getting my photo taken in them, or running into my ex (due to the big rip or giant mustard stain?), then they aren’t worth keeping. (TRASH)

1Love these items. Goes back in your closet


Once you’ve created your piles, take Pile 4 to the trash (or repurpose items as rags for cleaning for example).

Bag up or box Pile 3, and bring it to your car to donate before you change your mind (something fun my girlfriends and I did was a closet swap, you all bring your clothes that you no longer wear to one of your girlfriend’s houses and you go through each others clothes to see if there is anything you’d like before it ultimately gets donated).

Put the items in Pile 2 into a storage bin and keep in the back of your closet (or some where climate controlled) for 30 days. If you didn’t touch the items for 30 days and didn’t miss them, chances are you won’t miss them if they were really gone!

Pile 1, TRY ON all of the items. You want to ensure everything fits and really does look as good as you thought it did when you decided it would make it into this pile. If they pass this final test, put them back into your closet. The whole point of having clothes is to wear them, right?


If you’ve had enough for today, stop here! Good job! You’ve tackled your closet, you have chosen clothes that not only make you look awesome but also make you feel awesome!



If you’re still full of energy and on a cleaning high, read below:


Want to create an even more minimalistic wardrobe?

Start separating Pile 1 into ‘seasons’ to create what is now more popularly known as a “Capsule Wardrobe” (my friend Jenn owner of ‘something simple’ wrote a great post about this) .  With this, the idea is that you create a wardrobe of pieces that all work cohesively together. You could basically close your eyes, reach into your closet, pull out a few pieces, and they would look great together.

To achieve this, you choose a base [pant/skirt] colour (usually black, brown, tan, grey, navy, or cream).  I chose black because it’s classic, doesn’t get dirty easily, and easy to pair with any accessory.

Then, choose accent [top/shirt] colours. Only because neutrals look good with my skin tone, I chose grey, cream, blue, and  and  green.

Go through your capsule, and see if most items would work with one another, and base your wardrobe on your body, not current trends. Be sure that it fits your lifestyle! (If you’re always at the gym, you’re going to need some workout gear that may not be suitable as work attire). You should also try to pick pieces that you can dress up (with a nice necklace or belt), or dress down (with a pair of sandals). Accessories are usually small and don’t require too much space in your closet and are easier to deal with than fussy apparel such as a frilly blouse. Opt for layers rather than bulky items, they will be more versatile over many seasons.

When shopping, try the one-in one-out rule. Keep an inventory of the items you already have in your closet. Chances are, if you already own 24 T-shirts, when you’re out shopping you may not be as tempted to buy number 25. Invest in classics that stay in style, and be sure to read the washing instructions (if you hate going to the dry cleaners, don’t buy an item that is dry clean only, Duh!). Buy items you need and try to stay off retailer websites (or unsubscribe from mailing lists that bombard you with sale details!)


To give you some insight of where I’m at in my Winter Capsule

  • Sweaters: 10  (It’s cold in Canada okay!?)
  • Cardigans: 3
  • Long Sleeve Tops: 4
  • Collared Shirts: 6
  • Tees or Sleeveless Tops: 5
  • Pants: 5
  • Jeans: 4
  • Seasonal Jackets: 3 (1 everyday jacket, one ski jacket, and one formal)
  • + Everyday essentials such as undergarments and socks.


Congratulations! You’ve completed Day 1 of the Minimalist Home 30-Day Challenge!


What staples did you keep in your closet? Did you cheat and put something back that is an emotional or aspirational item? Let me know in the comments!


See you for Day 2, Linens!


2 thoughts on “Creating a Minimalist Home: Day 1 of 30 – The Closet

  1. I love this! I’m currently doing ‘The Minimalists’ 30 day challenge where you get rid of an item/items for each day of the month. So the first of the month, 1 item donated or trashed, second day – 2 items and so on. I’ve started with my closet, so it’s been good so far! Love the capsule idea! Will def give they a try 🙂

    1. I’ve read about that one!
      I did a big purge before moving into my new home, so I’m a bit afraid that if I tried there’s I’d literally have nothing left in my homy by the end of it! (It’s close to 500 items! haha). Good for you! I’m sure It will feel good to free up some space!

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