Top 5 Tips for Visiting Paris


So you’re planning a trip to the city of love. There are so many great things about Paris, the food, the architecture, the fashion, the art, and the culture to name a few.

I remember my first trip to Paris when I was on a teaching exchange in university. I was overwhelmed when leaving the CDG airport, trying to get the RER into Paris, and navigating the metro. I was travelling with two other girlfriends, and I was luckily informed by my mother ahead of time to “pack light” as the smaller metro stations are not luggage friendly (my friends were not so lucky). As three “divas on a dime”, we didn’t want to take a 50€ (approx. $60 USD / $75 CAD)  cab ride from the airport to our airbnb, but if you have the funds, Paris has a 50€ flat rate fee for rides in from the airports. Read more

Wanderlust List

Do you ever find yourself browsing travel sites like Lonely Planet or Travel and Leisure and creating a list of places to add to your bucket list? As travel is one of my priorities, I can be found researching my next travel spot, airbnbs, or creating lists of “must-see” attractions. Is travel a priority for you?

The following is my current Wanderlust List, complete with airbnbs and reasons for travel.

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